Businesses of all sizes must undertake PCI compliance auditing.

To ensure that their customers’ data is protected during credit or debit card transactions and if stored within any internal business databases.

If you’re feeling that PCI auditing is complicated and you’re a little overwhelmed with it, then getting to grips with what this type of audit is may be the first step toward putting your mind at ease.

In the simplest terms, PCI auditing is a process carried out by a qualified auditor to establish whether or not a business is compliant with security standards relating to the processing of transactions made via a credit or debit card (payment card).

PCI compliance auditing is a process whereby your business point of sale system is assessed. The purpose of this is threefold: (1) to examine your system, (2) to identify vulnerabilities, and (3) to prevent data from being compromised.

PCI compliance auditing helps businesses to ensure they are providing the most secure environment for their customers to process payments and ensures that transactions don’t result in a compromise in the customers’ data.

Ensuring that you have PCI compliance and a solid infrastructure for managing data security will increase customer confidence in your business and ensure that you’re not exposed to security breaches that could have been avoided.


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