Data Retrieval from Hard Drive


We can help in most data loss scenarios

It is not ok to attempt a data recovery with do-it-yourself software, even if the media you are recovering from is functioning properly. Free downloadable software (shareware) that you download from a random webpage is not the way you want to try to retrieve your precious data. One wrong step, one wrong click and your data could be gone forever. If the drive is making noises or has suffered some type of physical damage, then sending it in for data recovery service is necessary.

Common types of data loss for an easy recovery:

  • Accidental deletion of files or folders
  • Files that are missing
  • An accidental reformatting of media
  • Damaged files
  • Initialized disks
  • Corrupt volumes

Types of data loss requiring advanced recovery:

  • Damaged Disk
  • Non-functioning logic board
  • Platter damage
  • Physical damage

Because your data is important to you, we will do everything possible to get it back!

We have the means to not only recover data from your broken disc hard drive, but we can also retrieve data from removable magnetic media, flash disc, and other data storage devices. We can retrieve data from a drive running on any operating system like Microsoft Windows, Apple OS, Linux, DOS, VMWare, Novell, and select UNIX interfaces, and we can also support several models of hard disk drives like EIDE, IDE, SAS SATA, and SCSI.

For more information about our Data Recovery services, please take a minute and fill out the Contact Request Form, or simply give us a call at (800) 210-0327.