Active Directory Domain Migrations

For more than 10 years we have successfully been involved in Active Directory migration projects. AD migrations belong to the core business of  ECS.

Trust our experience – We know the typical pitfalls and and help you to accomplish a smooth and fail-free Active Directory migration.

“Soft” Active Directory Migration

No interruption for the users that is what a soft AD migration means:
During the Active Directory Migration the users can continue to work and access their resources at any time. The only break should the migration the users computer itself with an interruption time of a very few minutes. Unnecessary downtime can be prevented and the productivity is not restricted. That is what a successful Active Directory migration means for us.

Sequence of a successful AD migration

  • Analysis of the existing Active Directory domain(s)
  • Execution of optimization in the existing environment, especially if they are necessary for the Active Directory migration
  • Hold workshops for the planning of the new Active Directory environment
  • Definition of the migration and the implementation of the tools to be used
  • Preparation of a rollout plan including a definition of a test and pilot migration
  • Development of the target environment, in case it does not yet exist
  • Development and implementation of the migration tool
  • Execution of the test migration using test-systems
  • Execution of the pilot migration using productive systems
  • Analysis of the pilot-migration results
  • Execution of necessary adaptions based upon the analysis of the pilot migration
  • Execution of the rollout
  • Removal of the migrationtool and, if necessary, of the source environment

Components to consider while performing an Active Directory migration

  • Infrastructure services like DNS, DHCP, WINS, time synchronization
  • Active Directory replication and trusts
  • Group directives and login-scripts
  • User and group- objects
  • Computer objects
  • Resources like file, print, main and application server

Migration tool selection

An important basis for the success of your Active Directory migration is to use the tools that fit best to your needs and to your environment. We know the market and tools through our long experience in this field.Active Directory migrations can be very unique and special. We help you to choose the tool that fits best. A choice might be Microsoft’s ADMT or QMM by Quest (Dell).

The migration tools used by us ensure that as much information as possible can be transferred from the existing Active Directory domain to the new domain. This simplifies and speeds up the Active Directory Migration considerably.

Alternatively, it is also possible to start with an absolutely new Active Directory, in which all objects are created. However, this procedure is recommended only for smaller environments.

The access to any and all resources is also constantly possible during the Active Directory migration. The Active Directory attribute sIDHistory should be known by anyone who has dealt with the subject of migration. The SIDHistory is responsible for the access of the migrated accounts to not yet migrated resources.

An Active Directory migration is usually done using migration tools, so that as much information from the existing Active Directory domain as possible can be transferred to the new domain. Sometimes it is decided to create a whole new Active Directory where all of the objects are new. This approach is usually only usable in small surroundings.

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