1. Our Service Is Better!

One IT worker can only handle so much. Our engineers have access to collaborate with our entire staff of certified consultants. This is why our engineers can recommend better solutions and resolve issues faster than any single consultant. We continuously invest in the education and training of our personnel to make sure that your network stays cared for by the best brains in the business.

 2. Business-Centric Technology

Our concern is for your business first and how technology can help you save and earn money. Each individual business is unique in their computer needs. With our vast business experience in diverse industries including wholesale, retail, financial, health care, legal, and government, we can recommend technology solutions to improve your unique line of business.

3. Proactive Maintenance Versus Reactive Response

Most network issues are preventable. Unlike other IT companies that only react when an issue has occurred, we routinely run maintenance tests seeking out problems before they even happen, giving you the most uptime, allowing you to run your business without interruptions. Our managed service offerings monitor your network and systems 24 hours a day.

 4. Lower Overall Technology Costs

$85,000 is the typical salary you will pay when it comes to hiring an in-house full time IT employee. If that employee is doing their job perfect than most of the time your network will be running without any issues, but then what is that employee doing for the remainder of the day? Our clients typically save thousands of dollars per year, spending time and money only where needed, therefore allowing you to have available funds to spend in keeping up with the latest, fastest technology.

5. Available When You Need Us Most

If your network or computers go down this second, do you know where to find your IT tech? With ECS, rest assured that when an emergency happens, you’ll be notified immediately by our tech support with a diagnosis as to what the issue is, and how long it will take for us to fix the issue, which most of the time can be done remotely. We routinely fix issues before our client realizes they had a problem in the first place.

6. The Power of Our Partners

Big name companies such as Microsoft, HP, Dell, Cisco, McAfee, VMWare, and IBM are solid relationships that we have established. Because of this, we have direct access to their top engineers for support and assistance with any project we work on, and competitive pricing to save you thousands. We will tell you how it is, if you’re network is holding you back, we will explain the reasons why, as well as the benefits of upgrades. We will NOT upsell equipment to you just to make a sell. ECS is not in the hardware business, yes we sell hardware to our clients, but only as needed for upgrades or migrations to more current technologies.

7. Eliminate the Headache of Turnover

Each time your full time technician quits or your current “computer guy” finds another job, you need to re-invest your time and money to recruit and train a new person. During the transition, your business may experience a computer outage with no available help with who understands how your systems have been set up. We assign a systems administrator to every one of our clients. On top of that, our vCIO (Virtual Chief Information Officer) oversees the work of all of our clients. With ECS, you’ll have a team of engineers who know everything about your network, all for less than the price of one.

8. Problems Fixed before Your Business Suffers

We’re constantly monitoring your most critical devices, such as your firewall, switches and servers. Our engineers respond quickly to events that may cause downtime, and are available to serve your business 24 hours a day. If a monitored device on your network goes offline, we are notified immediately.

9. Conduct Your Business Anytime, Anywhere

Take advantage of the technologies that you already own. For example, if you have a quality firewall, our engineers can allow you access to your terminal server and/or office computer securely from anywhere in the world. There are often times where we find equipment at our clients that is not being used to it’s full potential.

10. Superior Client Satisfaction and Loyalty

ECS is proud and fortunate to maintain a high customer retention rate. In fact, many of our new clients come from enthusiastic referrals from our happy existing clients. We stand by our reputation as being Honest, Fair, and Dedicated. We are professionals, and as such, we treat our clients the way that we like to be treated, as professionals.



Our Prices are clear and simple!

Our Quality is consistent!

Our Delivery is seamless!

Our Reliability sets us apart from the competition!

Our Efficiency saves you money!




For more information about how ECS’s professional IT technicians can present your organization with a high-degree of value, please take a minute and fill out the Contact Request Form, or simply give us a call at (800) 210-0327.